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In this century technology is developing with the very fast pace by affecting all industries and tourism is not an exception. Considering nowadays-tough competition of tourism market, attracting people with images, videos or with different advertisements in magazines is no longer effective. “LOCATOR” CJSC is offering interactive systems (software) as a tool for attracting tourists. So what is the software about how does that work, these are the questions that you ask yourself.
As soon as user installs and opens the application there pops up a map of object’s area, where by touching any object it brings up realistic 3D journey of showplace where you can walk around and get acquainted with the history, architectural monuments, as if you are standing there, and all this with audio and animation support. The application allows users to view the object from different angles (bird’s-eye view), to switch gyroscope mode, to see some reconstructions (currently non existing) via augmented reality and different other features.
There are already some landmarks in Armenia already using this application. The differences of software through different platforms (IOS, Android, PC, etc.) are negligible. In case of mobile or tablet user moves through the area by touching the screen and there is an augmented reality mode of viewing the showplace, in case of PC version everything is done by mouse controller.
On brochure you can find some screenshots done in Tatev Monastery Application. To learn more about the technology follow the link or qr code bellow.

At Target
Print the target by downloading and pointing your phone’s or tablet’s camera at it. You will see the Monastery on the target’s place. Due to augmented reality technology you will forget the Monastery is not real one.



CHEST AMD 40.000

Temple,1st Century

Monastery,4th century

Cathedral,4th century

Monastery,13th century

Monastery,9th century

Cathedral,19th century

Monastery,13th century

Monastery,9th century

Monastery,13th century

Church,17th century

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