Director: Lusine Toroyan

The Museum of Folk Art is the center of culture, where samples of Armenian arts and crafts and fine arts are exhibited. The exhibits have been collected for the museum since the 1930s. An enthusiast to open such a museum was ethnographer Abetnak Babayan and later, in 1978 the museum of folk art was opened on the basis of collected specimens. In the first years after the museum was founded the director regularly organized expeditions around Armenia in search of unique specimens from different areas.

The museum displays exhibits from different eras of Armenian culture and examining the exhibited samples one can imagine how the culture of Armenia developed in this or that era. The collection of the museum includes traditional Armenian carpets, ceramics, embroidery, paintings, samples of carving, metal crafts, etc. Of particular interest are gold and silver handmade jewelry from different eras. Traditional Armenian silver jewelry is decorated with turquoise, onyx, rubies and other precious and semiprecious stones.