Dragonstone • Legends of Haya’s Guardians • Part 3


In the ancient realm of Portasar, the Guardians unveiled a mystical portal. Riding upon their Dragonstone spaceships, they embarked on a cosmic quest, journeying through galaxies in pursuit of planets brimming with the essence of life. These Dragon Stones, celestial vessels powered by the radiant rays absorbed from the sun, carried the Guardians through the vast cosmic tapestry.
In ancient times, the wisdom of the land and the spirit of humanity intertwined. Through mystical experiments, sages united the human genoneural essence with nature’s elements, birthing Dragonstones—a fusion of man and nature’s essence. These stones, guided by the power of thought and the neural connection, held the unique history of human DNA within them.

Every individual possessed their own Dragon Stone, a testament to their deep exploration of the natural elements—earth, air, water, and fire. When a person departed from this world, their DragonStone transformed into unyielding basalt, encapsulating a fragment of their DNA history. These stones were then respectfully placed by cosmic forces, aligning with the celestial dance of corresponding asteroids.