Portasar Portal • Legends of Haya’s Guardians • Part 2

Portasar Portal

In the aftermath of Zorguni’s fierce assault, the Guardians, determined and resolute, joined forces. Together, they summoned a mystical portal, embarking on a cosmic journey aboard their Dragonstone spaceships. Across galaxies they traversed until they found refuge on Earth, seeking to forge a fresh beginning.

The portal, a conduit of ancient power, revealed itself in Portasar, casting its enchantment over the vast expanse of the Armenian Highlands.
In the ancient land of Cempor Hill lies Portablur, a sacred sanctuary and ancient marvel from the Neolithic era on the Armenian Highland. Now situated in Turkey, 14-15 kilometers northeast of Urfa, its roots delve back 12,000 years, as whispered by the winds. Though, mystical studies in 2003 hint at an even older origin, reaching into the 9th millennium BC.

Portablur stands as the eldest known ritual haven in the world, nestled beside the Early Neolithic settlement of Neval-Chori, reshaping the tales of Eurasian Neolithic lore. As of the year 2021, only a fraction of its secrets have been unveiled through excavation, revealing stones that soar three meters into the heavens, bearing witness to the mysteries etched in time.

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