Armenian Treasures LEGEND

In an ancient era, our ancestors thrived in harmony, driven by exploration and creativity. However, as the flame of knowledge dwindled within humanity, Zorguni, the sovereign of Andund (Darkness), perceived their vulnerability. With relentless force, Zorguni’s legions assaulted and overcame the humans with ruthless precision. Displaced, captive, or tragically ended, many suffered. Witnessing the chaos, the Guardians rallied together, unveiling a portal that transported them aboard Dragonstone spaceships across galaxies in pursuit of vibrant, life-infused planets. Choosing Earth as their new abode, they aspired to forge a fresh beginning.

The Legacy of Hayasa

Descended from the celestial realm of Hayk, the Elders established the Citadel of profound knowledge, known as the Secretum secretorum, in the sacred land, naming it Hayasa or Great Armenia. They shaped the cultural landscape by founding the Mkhitarist monastery and iconic monuments like Geghard, Dadivank, Goshavank, Hovannavank, and Mugni, while also imparting captivating legends and tales, including the national epic “Sasna Tsrer,” through intricate miniature paintings. Guiding the people with principles of courage, self-discipline, justice, and wisdom, the Elders fostered a virtuous life.

The Stone

… Ages passed, and in the ancient city of Dvin, an excavation unearthed a mysterious pyramid-shaped mountain. On it, a board adorned with enigmatic symbols and sentences in an unfamiliar language was found. Remarkably, a central part hinted at the possibility of being unlocked by a key.
These inscriptions, a blend of numbers, letters, and symbols, became known as Armenian Treasures. They granted present-day guardians the chance to delve into centuries-old wisdom, now accessible through modern tools like computers and phones.