Director: Lusine Toroyan

The Museum of Folk Art in Dilijan was opened in 1979 on immediate initiative of H.Sharambeyan. The museum building was one of the oldest and was built at the end of the XIXc. The building belonged to princes Mariam Tumanian and served as a summer house. Mariam Tumanian was born in 1870. She was daughter of a noble man from Artsakh Markos Dolukhanian who was one of the public persons of that time. After hamid extermination, she by her own means organized a rug weaving factory for refugees. Thanks to her efforts and by G. Sundukian’s assistance in 1920 in Tiflis, she founded Armenian dramatic company which had 200 members. In 1919-1920 she organized an orphanage and workshops there. From 1921 till her death in 1945 she lived in Tiflis.
The latest residence of the house was H.Sharambeyan, who reorganized it into a Museum of Folk Art.

5 Kalinin street 3903 Dilijan, Armenia

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